I can offer a wide variety of services and options for website and branding needs per request.  But listed below are the 3 most basic services offered.  All final pricing will be provided to clients before any contract is signed.  All maintenance fees are on a monthly basis. 

Website Creation


Based on intial discussions on what your needs are I will create a base home page for review.  Once changes have been made based on your requests we will finalize a price and full work will begin. This site can contain almost anything and can be tailored to fit your needs exactly.



Prices range based on your needs and I strive to find a solution within your budget.



All sites built by Red Key Designs will have a hosting cost assigned to them on a yearly basis.  But on top of that annual cost is an option for maintence to allow for updates to content, pictures, and basic functionality.  These change options come in 3 levels of service and are on a monthly basis:


3 requests:   $75 per month

5 requests:   $100 per month

10 requests: $200 per month

Logo Creation and Photo Editing


Need a new logo for your start up?  Or have some photos you would love to have added to your site but wish they have that polished edge of professional editing.  This is something Red Key Designs can do as well.  


All logo creation and photo editing requests will be handled outside of website and maintennce quotes and will be priced based on the difficulty and timing of the request.


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Contact us now for a free consultation and no charge on your first month of maintenance.

Current Availability

I am currently available to take on new clients. Contact us now to get started.


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